Inspired by @AEM. It's crazy to say that 2015 was last year! I thought this was a fun list idea and that it would be an interesting walk down memory lane!
  1. January
    You're going to see this girl's mug a lot. That's my friend Leah with me. We hang out a lot (read-we are both single with no kids)! Here we are accidentally snapping a pic while setting up for one of our letter photos (more about that in May).
  2. February
    Galentine's Day! A fun night with the girls! Somehow I captured this selfie of us picking songs to sing and dance to without even looking!
  3. March
    Mexico with my sister!!!! Probably my favorite week of the whole year!
  4. April
    It was a great college basketball season to be a Badgers fan!
  5. May
    So, Leah and I use our bodies to make letters all over KC. We have about half of the alphabet done. I should make a list of our photos! Here we are doing the K on my birthday!
  6. June
    I went home to Wisconsin for Fathers Day weekend. Mom hosted a family party and I got to spend time with on of my favorite cousins, Sam.
  7. July
    I went to Palo Alto, CA to visit a special second cousin and my godparents. My cousin and I took and amazing hikes through a redwood forest. We found a banana slug!
  8. August
    With friends at a charity event at a really cool venue (the Liberty Memorial observation deck) in KC.
  9. September
    I spent Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee with my sister and her family. Lots of memories with my nephews. And my sister and I went kayaking together so I got to check that off my bucket list!
  10. October
    My friend Heather and I spent a long weekend in Door County, WI. Neither of us had ever been and we had a blast!
  11. November
    On a fall hike with Leah near Weston, MO.
  12. December
    I spent 12 days in WI with my family this Christmas season. We finally got a new family photo...it had been three years!