It's Christmas vacation time! I decided to take two weeks off work so I could have a nice long visit with my family this year (they live in WI, I live in KS...). My sister and nephews won't arrive for a few days, but I've made the most of my time with my parents so far!
  1. Put presents under the tree
    Mom had not put any gifts under the tree yet, so I got to do it! There are a lot more that need to squeeze under before Christmas, but I thought this amount looked pretty!
  2. Took two hikes with my dog
    The first day was cold and there was still a little snow on the ground and ice on the creek.
  3. Fun find if day icicles!
  4. Day two was warm (42!!!) and muddy!
  5. Made Chex mix with mom
    She makes the BEST Chex mix! (Her peanuts and extra butter...)
  6. Dipped pretzels with mom
    I dipped, she sprinkled!
  7. Drove to town for coffee with my fav cousin
    My cousin (she is 16 years younger than me) and I get together for coffee whenever I am home. We call the Christmas one our annual Christmas Caribou Coffee cousin date! 💜 her!
  8. Introduced my mom to the aca-awesomeness of Pitch Perfect
    We laughed SO hard!
  9. Read the Sunday paper with Dad
    No photo for this one... Dad and I are early birds so morning is our special time. Oh, I just remembered I have a selfie of us from this summer...I'll use that!
  10. Invited a friend over to watch the Packer game
    She's a BFF from high school...can't wait to see her! This is us in her convertible during a trip to Door County this past fall!
  11. It's been a great 24 hours! Now, if I could just get some snow!