Writing these down so I can be held accountable. Also, I don't make resolutions, so I am going to label these as goals!
  1. Run my first half-marathon.
    I'm signed up. It's happening the first weekend in March in Little Rock. I'm already nervous, but exited, too! Note: I'm not much of a runner...
  2. Get rid of 'stuff'
    I'm not much of a pack rat, but I would like to clear more space in my life. This includes getting rid of people who do not have a positive influence on my life.
  3. Love myself more
    I'm not very good at this. Im turning 40 in 2016 and I think it is time to start caring more about me, accepting myself, and talking nicer to myself in my head.
  4. Seriously consider moving back to WI to be closer to family
    I've been thinking about it more and more. It's time to have a serious conversation with myself about it and put things in action.
  5. Be less risk-averse
    It's just time...