So much knowledge in the form of one super special person!
  1. My love of reading!
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    She has put books in my hand since day one. To this day, one of our favorite things to do is swap books...and talk about books...and buy books together!
  2. To especially love reading Maeve Binchy!
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    I love Maeve's writing so much that I often type in UK English instead of US English. She's my favourite author, by far! If I ever accidently have a daughter, she will be named Maeve. (Since that's not likely, my next dog will probably be Maeve!)
  3. Roast your own almonds
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    Gives you a crunchy, nutty flavor without all the added oil and salt.
  4. Work hard
    My mom is doesn't have a lazy bone in her body!
  5. But also relax...
    Friends, family, laughter, vodka, vacations
  6. This, too, shall pass
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    Through tough times, she stays so strong. She has told me this phrase many times, and I believe her because she has modeled it time after time. This was her first selfie...taken on Mother's Day last year. The day before her post-mastectomy reconstruction surgery.