Awesome People I Saw at Union Station

  1. Stoner guy walking super fast wearing an "always keep one rolled shirt". He must be looking for some bud. Damn that fools arms are super ripped!
  2. Little black girl eating flaming hot Cheetos tapping the woman's head next her. Because the little girl is cute the woman has been playing along, I don't think she realizes she has flaming hot Cheeto dust in her hair
  3. Very attractive white girl drawing in her note pad sipping coffee. Dark brown hair, pale white skin. Solid waist to chest ratio. (Sorry too risky to snap a pic)
  4. Oh shit! There goes the stoner again. He's going the same direction and definitely walking faster this time. Who's got my bud!!!
  5. Old man with well traveled backpacking gear. I bet he's been to some really cool places, jealous.
  6. Sexy Mexican lady with 4 handbags and an ice cream. I wonder what she's doing in LA? I think I should go talk to her