1. Bay Area
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    Always feels good to be home and see family and friends. Photo taken at Oakland International Airport
  2. Montego Bay, Jamaica
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    Amazing island with very welcoming people. You really do absorb the 'relax mon' mentality. This photo was taken at Pork Pit, the best local food on the island hands down
  3. Denver, Colorado
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    Had to stop at the Red Rocks amphitheater to some catch live music
  4. Washington D.C.
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    Stopped by our nation's capitol to say what's up to the homie Abe
  5. Miami, FL
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    An extended layover in Miami allowed enough time for a Cuban sandwich and a dip in the Atlantic Ocean
  6. Yosemite, CA
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    Last stop for now - hiked to the top of Nevada Falls to see a spectacular view of the entire valley