In his Guest DJ set, Jonah tells us how punk saved him as an awkward teenager, Mel Brooks proved anything was possible in the world of entertainment and Sleater-Kinney showed him what love should be. Hear the whole show here -
  1. Mel Brooks - "High Anxiety"
    "To see a guy that starred, wrote, directed and then sang a song that he wrote in the middle of the movie made me go, 'Oh, I can do those things too.'"
  2. Minor Threat - "Out of Step"
    "Punk rock saved my life, I was white fat kid in Hawaii. I stuck out so much and a song like “Out of Step” was done by other guys that feel like they don’t belong and they were still SO cool”
  3. Sleater-Kinney - "The Size of Our Love"
    "I was the typical nerd pining over girls all the time, and this exemplified everything I thought I wanted in a relationship, true dedication and love. This song is exactly what I think you should be in a relationship, unwavering support is a huge thing. Especially in creative relationships."
  4. The Weakerthans - "Everything Must Go"
    "Some of my favorite bands they still have jobs, and those jobs, as the line from the song goes "slave wage, 40-hour week, weighs a 1,000 kilograms." You’re making nothing, doing so much and it weighs so heavy on you but that’s just it. That’s what it is, so if that, then what? Well if that’s always there, then don’t worry about it."
  5. Fartbarf - "Homeless in Heathrow"
    "I can’t remember the last time I would regularly see a band in my hometown and it’s a local band. Because they have these masks, no one knows what they look like or who they are, so it doesn’t matter. They strip away any idea of how cool they are, they let the music be as cool as they want."
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