Your cultural guide for LA | week of 5/18
  1. WATCH: VuHaus
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    Public Radio cool kids (ahem) – KCRW, KUTX, WXPN, KTBG, KEXP – all known for great music, have banded together to bring you VuHaus, a video consortium where you can watch great live performances from bands and musicians who’ve stopped by our studios. Cue up some videos and let the afternoon fly by.
  2. MEET: Strangers-No-More
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    Do you love our Strangers podcast? Your soul mate might too! Come down to the Wellesbourne tonight for our Strangers Happy Hour: Singles Edition. Be honest, if they're not a KCRW listener it's a already a red flag, so take the guesswork out of the equation.
  3. DRINK: Jonathan Gold’s Favorite Cocktails in LA
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    Follow Jonathan Gold buzz around the city while he imbibes alongside designated driver and editor, Amy Scattergood. From liquid nitrogen otter pops to basic shift drinks, these cocktails are in top form at the bars and restaurants they visit.
  4. SEE: Chris Francis: Shoe Designer
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    Who wouldn’t want to wear those shoes? Chris Francis, Los Angeles-based shoe designer has an exhibition dedicated to his work at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Combining artsy high fashion and punk, he makes functional kicks worth checking out.
  5. DO: Paddle the LA River
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    Tickets to kayak the river with the LA Conservation Corps are available for the upcoming season. They sell out, so get yours now and take advantage of the welcome rain we’re having this May. Wait, and you might find yourself scraping the bottom!