Week of 6/1
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    DO: Pasadena Summer Nights
    We are popping the bottle on our summer-long party, with free open-air concerts featuring KCRW-friendly bands all across Los Angeles. June events start in Pasadena at One Colorado with DeLux and Cayucas. Make Music Pasadena rounds out the start of free concerts. Photo by Jeremiah Garcia. http://bit.ly/1IaAJIQ
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    SAVE: Historic Places LA
    Recently, preservation debates have emerged over notable Los Angeles buildings including Bradbury’s home and Norm’s Diner. Tonight, KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez and a host of other know-it-alls will discuss L.A.’s disappearing heritage and celebrate the launch of HistoricPlacesLA. http://bit.ly/1eNV7pF
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    EAT: Tumanyan Khinkali Factory
    The soup-dumpling craze takes a new turn with the khinkali - a Georgian dumpling. Jonathan Gold describes the khinkali as a “near peak soup dumpling experience,” so it’s time to venture to Glendale to check it out. While you’re waiting for the dumplings to steam, try the charcuterie plate, Mediterranean salad, and ich. http://bit.ly/1dKixfa
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    PLAN: National Donut Day
    There are a slew of new national days for various orgs and causes but this Friday is actually a very important occasion. NATIONAL DONUT DAY! Be the office hero by picking up a box of custom donuts to bolster team spirit. Or if you want to celebrate alone, check out this list of free rings of happiness. http://abt.cm/1IaAH3H
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    SEE: Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution
    One of the most influential concert promoters in history, Graham launched the careers of countless rock & roll legends in the ’60s at his famed Fillmore Auditorium. Maybe you missed your chance to see Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, or Jimi Hendrix in their prime – now stand face to face with the era’s iconic memorabilia, photos, and psychedelic art. http://bit.ly/1ETNNh9