The Wet Hot American Summer Director & Co-Writer @davidwain came on KCRW's The Business to talk to Kim Masters about the new Netflix release. Listen to the answers to these questions here:
  1. How did you come across Bradley Cooper?
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  2. I heard that you told that the camp where you initially shot that it was going to be a "PG romp". When it turned out that it was not that were they surprised?
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  3. How did if feel to get these cheers at Sundance and radio silence from the people with the money?
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  4. Was Netflix the only place where you went?
  5. When getting the cast back together, who was the big diva that you had to shame into doing it by telling them that everybody else is in?
  6. Did it change the dynamic on set, that some of these people were such major stars at this point?
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  7. Is this the final “Wet Hot Summer?”
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