My MVPs of the sneaker closet
  1. Chuck Taylor's
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    I love these bad boys. They're my daily drivers. They look good even worn down and broken in. They are Limited Designs by John Varvatos, which is pretty dope. It's Python leather and the color matches absolutely everything. That's why pythons have been around forever I guess.
  2. Marvin the Martian Jordan VII
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    Not only are these extremely limited and dope af, but they also hold some sentimental value. These were given to me from my childhood homeboy. He knows my affinity for sneaks and waited in line at the crack of dawn for these. He gave them to me the night before I handed him his wedding rings.
  3. Gucci sneaker
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    This was my first designer sneaker I had ever purchased. It was love at first step. Rich buttery leather, snake skin embellishments and contrasting patent leather for some extra flash. Dope.
  4. Louis Vuitton
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    Classic, simple style. Can be worn with a summer suit or linens. I bought them in Paris, and they remind me of summer in Des Champs D'elysee
  5. LV 2
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    These Louis were also a gift from my girl who thought that my Miami Heat jerseys needed better footwear. Thanks boo.
  6. Adidas custom Shell-Toe's
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    These are number 2 of 2. They are from an adidas campaign called 'mi adidas' that allowed clients to design there own sneakers. Too cool to pass up. Sadly the K1's had been destroyed in a Costa Rican beach Storm. Shout out to my girl for replacing em.
  7. My other Chucks
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    These were also designed by John Varvatos, the Weapon Edition. They are a nice leather with the spike detail. They are built well, and I like them for when my outfits need a little more edge.