Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

The fruits of my farting around on the internet that I send to my friends.
  1. How does this work!? Kardashian isn't her maiden name!
  2. Ha ha! Awww, poor guy.
  3. My life in a nutshell.
  4. Good grief Mashable! Way to proof read. Or is a "natural bathroom" a thing?
  5. Cus I'm a 30 yr old teacher who still doesn't get it.
  7. But could you not?
  8. What you find when you search young Anthony Bourdain. One of my favorite pictures ever!
  9. Interesting...
  10. Please! We'll do anything! And take care of Chris from Fear the Walking Dead while you're at it!
  11. My life when I eat cheese for dinner.