I'm 27. I sure as shit don't act 27, feel 27, or want to join the 27 club.
  1. I sleep with my baby blanket
    And have for literally my ENTIRE EXISTENCE. ITS TATTERED AND RAGGED BUT I DON'T CARE ITS BLANKIE. My oldest friend (except for my sister).
  2. I am convinced my parents will still bail me out of anything
    Can I get my inheritance starting now? Homegirl's got debts to pay
  3. I am still Disney obsessed
    Movies, merch, shows, etc. WDW is the only place I ever wanna go on vacation. Maybe not forever and ever for the rest of my life, but if I won the lottery tomorrow I'd by a house at the Golden Oak and retire at Disney. MICKEY MOUSE IS THE GOAT 🐐