I ride Uber pool for the price and the story potential
  1. Driver who played chess with John Hinckley, President Reagan's would-be assassin, when he worked at mental hospital for criminally insane
  2. Rider who worked as cage fighter, EMT, then model turned actor. Best part was unpacking him psychologically with driver after we dropped him off
  3. Driver who experienced government coup in Honduras during peace corp.
    His story put my life in stark perspective when he said the lowest lows of his Peace Corp experience were the violent coup, being robbed at gunpoint twice, and, as an afterthought, his breaking up with his peace corp girlfriend. If a bad breakup is my lowest lows in life then that's not so bad
  4. Extremely stoned but safe driver (he drove veryyy slowly) detailed all the famous people he'd dropped off while popping Cheetos into his mouth every other word
  5. Introduced to Periscope by social butterfly of a rider
    Do people like/use Periscope? If so, how exactly? I still don't really get it
  6. @Z am I forgetting any??