Requested by @Z
Thanks @Z for the request! Weddings are beautiful and very fun parties, but can be overwhelming. Here are some thoughts I had after a college friend got hitched this summer
  1. Hashtags #wedding
    What is the etiquette for bride + groom wedding hashtags? How early before the wedding do you start branding your coupledom and upcoming nuptials? When do you stop? The day after the ceremony? Until you die/divorce??
  2. Eating
    Order the most expensive option for your dinner. I usually go with steak, then fish. Vegetarian is a wild card choice
  3. Dancing
    The best part! A great band that can play Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac, and everything in between, is key
  4. Open bar
    Best to be strategic here. I start with white wine or champagne then move to mixed drinks with clear liquor. White wine vs red to keep teeth photogenic and not as devastating if spilled
  5. Mojito tap
    Best idea ever. Where can I get this for my apartment right now??
  6. Cake alternatives
    I looooove cake but a friend had pies and gelato at her wedding last year which was really nice, which leads me to....
  7. Traditional vs personal
    Personally I want cake, my father to walk me down the aisle and champagne toasts but I also like the idea of a barefoot beach wedding. I love how weddings these days reflect my friends' personalities and are not one size fits all