I'm visiting my parents and the little rural island where I grew up. There are no streetlights. It's really quiet.
  1. We wonder aloud where that hedgehog has gone to lately
    He wasn't sunning himself on his favorite rock yesterday and my dad is seriously concerned about this. They're buds
  2. We tally how many deer we saw on the drive home
  3. We guess how many days the Florida people will stay this summer (they make up about 2/3 of our neighborhood)
  4. We ask the robin making her nest by the deck if she accepts me since I'm just visiting
  5. They tell the story of why my parents sold their sailboat
    My dad is a purist and refused to put a motor on "the Janie" (named after my mom). Then they got stranded in heavy fog one day-turned-night and had to be rescued by the coast guard. Fun fact for people who learned to read in the 50s/60s: my parents names are Dick and Jane and the dingy was named Sea Spot
  6. Someone inevitably asks: Who wants more wine?