Because this list is critical, it will be my first.
  1. Yoü and I (Lady Gaga)
    It's always a crowd pleaser. Especially if you substitute "Nebraska" for the state/town/college/sports team/etc relevant to the area.
  2. I Touch Myself (the DiVinyls)
    No shame.
  3. Party in the U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus)
    You just aren't American if you don't love and know every word.
  4. Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
    When I typed this one I wanted to sing it immediately. But I'm making this list during a conference so maybe later.
  5. Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rodgers/Dolly Parton)
    I find it critical to have a duet in your Arsenal and this country ballad gives me the opportunity to impersonate Dolly Parton and that is EVERYTHING.