1. Claire Underwood
  2. Olivia Pope
    General Manager
  3. Leslie Knope
    Team Captain
  4. Wilhelmina Slater
    Creative Director
  5. Samantha Jones
    Head of PR and Communications
  6. Tom Haverford
    Head of Social Media
  7. Dr Owen Hunt
    Medical Support Team
  8. Dr Miranda Bailey
    Medical Support Team
  9. Annalise Keating
    Legal Team
  10. Alicia Florrick
    Legal Team
  11. Jack Bauer
    Defence Team
  12. Brienne of Tarth
    Defence Team
  13. Bree Van De Kamp
    Culinary Department
  14. Blair Waldorf
    Team Stylist
  15. Dr Mark Sloan
    Man Candy Division
  16. James "Sawyer" Ford
    Man Candy Division
  17. Karen Walker
    Designated Drinker
  18. Fiona Goode
    Minister of Magic
  19. Desmond Hume
    Just incase we get displaced in time
  20. Arya Stark
    Can fit into small spaces
  21. Phoebe Buffay
    In charge of cups and ice