21 things on 21st birthday

  1. Had five really good friends over the night before
  2. Popped a bottle of champagne at midnight
  3. Laughed about all of the dumb things we did in high school
  4. Went for breakfast at turning point with my parents
  5. Got my nails and toes done
  6. Picked out four new books at Barnes and Nobles with dad
  7. Redeemed my free Starbucks drink with a cold brewed ice coffee
  8. Lil Hellen and Emily sent me a package 💙
  9. Lil sent me biscotti 💗
  10. Went to lunch with Anna
  11. Ordered my first drink at leggets
  12. Went paddleboarding in the bay
  13. Got to wear my new romper
  14. Anna bought me a tiara with 21 on it
  15. Went to 9th Ave for dinner
  16. Ordered a rum bucket
  17. Watched a beautiful sunset
  18. Bought alcohol in a liquor store
  19. Went to my first bar as a 21 year old!
  20. Got lots of drinks bought for me and everyone said happy birthday!
  21. Best birthday yet 💗