Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

I've been creeping around for a while to figure this place out but I think it's time I started actually making lists...
  1. I'm Katie!
  2. My middle name is Geraldine, named after my grandma who died a year and a day before I was born
    I hated how old fashioned it was growing up and refused to tell anyone my middle name, but now I love the connection it gives me
  3. I'll be a senior in college in the fall (😬)
  4. I'm also on the swim team at my school, and have been swimming competitively since I was 7
    So it's going to be an interesting transition when I'm finally finished after this season
  5. I'm from NJ and will defend the heck out of my state
    It's a beautiful wonderful place and not at all like the Jersey Shore made it out to be
  6. I once reread all Harry Potter books in three days
    It was a long car ride...
  7. My favorite TV show is Scrubs
    And I've watched it from beginning to end 4 times now
  8. Ummmm
  9. That's all I've got!