I am so so so so excited because I just got my care package! Thank you times a million to @nikkilounoel and @amieshmamie for organizing, this made my entire day!
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    Here's the spread!
    So beautiful and 100% my vibe 💙
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    How'd you know this is my favorite expression?!?!
    Literally my favorite.... I use it all the time and have a canvas from high school with that on it
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    And that I love coffee!?!?!
    And beautiful mugs!!!
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    And that I love blueberries!?!?
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    And that this is another quote that I love!?!?!
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    And that I love notes?!?!
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    And that I love to read and feminism and magazines?!?!
    I've started skimming this and it's incredible-I've never read it before but now I want to read every single one of them
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    And that most of all I love notes and kind words?!?!
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    It's like you're in my head or something!!
    This was the most perfect box ever and I'm so grateful!!!
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    THANK YOU💙💙💙