Inspired by @JAYR
  1. Cite
    highlight a phrase, quote or paragraph, it nicely formats it for sharing in social apps
  2. Hacker News (YC) by Dharmesh Patel
    mostly tech news with an intelligent and lively community. A sleek app that is customizable that make reading articles and comments easy.
  3. Konvert
    convert units of measure, currency, etc
  4. Duolingo
  5. No Ads
  6. SNL app
    clips from all the seasons
  7. Lightroom
    quickly and easily edit photos on the fly. great presets and options.
  8. Parcel
    for tracking packages, push notifications with updates on location
  9. Gratuity
    easy tip calculator without the fuss
  10. WhatsApp
    secure end to end messaging. Now with the ability to send documents.