Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. Playing Number Munchers on the Apple Mac II
  2. discovering Capri Sun and Gushers
  3. using a Skip-It
    and in the process destroying my ankles lol
  4. getting No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" CD
  5. watching the teacher flip over a kid's desk because all the rulers and scissors went missing
  6. picking up 25 pieces of paper and getting Starbursts
    my 2nd grade teacher was awesome
  7. Scholastic book tour!
  8. Meeting my pen pal
  9. spending the summers at camp
    the smells of sunscreen, BBQ, and warm air are still so vivid
  10. getting my first pair of Tevas
  11. Fantastic Fruity Popsicles
  12. super deluxe kid pool
  13. clearly remembering a sunny day and it rained with the sun out, it was beautiful
  14. watching 90s Nickelodeon after school
  15. Ski Sundown
    wore full hotpink ski bibs too
  16. Yikes pencils
  17. Listening to The Beatles albums on a record player in gym class
    Mr. Chaves was old school 👌🏽