New PBS drama, Mercy Street goes behind the front lines of the Civil War into the chaotic world of the Mansion House Hospital in Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia.
  1. The story of Mercy Street was inspired from Mary Phinney Von Olnhausen's "Adventures of an Army Nurse in Two Wars."
  2. The intersection of North and South in a small town during the Civil War creates a rich and conflicted environment.
  3. The medical procedures and life of the times were extensively researched and executed to ensure historical accuracy.
  4. Mercy Street weaves many moving stories into the plot, one of them being the beginning of female nursing in America.
  5. The cast is composed of seasoned actors and actresses including: Josh Radnor, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Shalita Grant, McKinley Belcher III, AnnaSophia Robb and more.
  6. There are clips and teacher's guides associated with each episode at pbslearningmedia.org. The collection brings together a diverse set of resources to consider the causes, context, and course of the Civil War.
  7. The show's themes and story are relevant to American audiences right now.
  8. The show will be airing Sunday nights at 9PM, right after Downton Abbey.
  9. The Washington Post, The Salt Lake Tribune, and USA Today have all shared positive reviews about the show.