1. The Country of Tsunami? - God's honest truth! My blonde sister called me after the horrific earthquake and tidal wave in the Indian Ocean a few years back. She said "Oh my God, I feel SOOO bad for those people in Tsunami!"
  2. In high school, the same sister sent a postcard to her boyfriend's mom telling her she was having a great time in "Vagina Beach" ( you and I call it Virginia Beach)
  3. My blonde friend, after a long day, told us she was ready to "just go home and decompose".... Well, that escalated quickly. In the meantime I'll be over here decompressing...
  4. My blonde sister (again) worked as a waitress and put ricotta cheese on top of a Nutty Irishman Coffee instead of whipped cream.
  5. Just flew on an airplane this weekend with the blonde sister. No lie, after the stewardess did the safety demonstration, my sister asked me where her life vest was located. She wanted to put it on right then and there to save time in case of a crash !
  6. My blonde friend raved about her new "wicked " furniture she got for her cottage .... Ummmm, it's called "wicker"
  7. Same blonde friend talked about the "VFW" another friend drove in college. That would be a "VW" (Volkswagon") to the rest of us😜
  8. Blonde friend walked into a room that smelled of patchouli and announced "I smell incest!"
  9. Blonde mom had doctor's appointment. Instead of checking "anemia", she checked off "anorexia". Couldn't understand why they spent so much time inspecting her arms and legs!