I'd Be Very Happy Living in These Fictional Worlds

A loose interpretation of "fictional worlds"
  1. Mindy Lahiri's world
    Fashionista doctor by day, Chris Messina's baby mamma by night! Not to mention someone who truly embraces everything that is NYC.
  2. The wizarding world of Harry Potter
    Post-Voldemort days, of course.
  3. Rivendell
    Where I can channel my inner-elf
  4. Neverland
    Where I think I would either live as a mermaid or a fairy; either way helping those lost boys take on Captain Hook and most importantly- never growing up!
  5. Arendal
    Because the fjords look gorgeous and I love love love winter. Also I could use a talking, flamboyant snowman in my life.
  6. In the Scandal- world
    Working as one of Olivia Pope's minions, wearing the white hat, and saving the world one maladjusted politician at a time!