Travel Pet Peeves

  1. The person who STANDS in the middle of the people-mover
    ...(flat escalator... What is that called anyway?) Rule: walk on the left, STAND on the right. This also applies to driving, metro escalators, busy corridors and basically any public area that is outside of Great Britain.
  2. The person in the seat behind you who thinks they are more important
    ....and that they can exit the plane before waiting for you to remove your bag from the overhead compartment and exit in an orderly manner. Rule: one at a time, follow the leader, go back to Kindergarten.
  3. Gate changes.
  4. The guy next to you on the plane who continues to chat you up .
    ...despite your headphones, one-word answers, and glares. Rule: take a hint
  5. The cell phone gabber
    ...the entire gate can hear you. Headphones only mean we can't hear the person you're talking to.
  6. The TSA personnel that feels the urge to YELL.
    We appreciate your safety precautions, but the 1% of people who haven't traveled since before 2001 can read the signs OR look at pictures of how to remove their shoes. Barking instructions is not conducive to faster moving lines.
  7. The guy that brought his ENTIRE tech collection in his carry-on
    And now he is in front of you in the security line and he needs to remove EVERY item from his bag. And he wore lace-up boots. Honestly, there are a million travel blogs about how to pack a good carry-on. Read one.
  8. Delta Airlines
    Though I must admit their sky-team partner Air Europa has it together!