1. Use entire floor as trash can
  2. Load dishes in dishwasher diagonally
  3. Drop pizza face first on floor then pass out
  4. Cook frozen ravioli in fry pan
  5. Not know that mushrooms should be washed before eaten
  6. Ask other roommate if I get a boyfriend if he should pay rent
  7. Spill sticky brown sauce on kitchen floor and wait for me to clean it up
  8. Leave rotting food in fridge until forest grows
  9. Pee the bed. Multiple roommates. Multiple times.
  10. Take baths at 5 a.m....While smoking weed
  11. Asked if they asked me for a condom the night before
  12. Eat my snacks
  13. Not buy body soap for 4 months (mine was hidden so it couldn't be used)
  14. Only turn the air on while I'm gone, then turn it off when I get home