Favorite 2015 Memories

  1. Graduating with my MFA in creative writing.
  2. Spending my last semester of school with amazing people.
    Forever grateful for my fiction family. <3
  3. Meeting Sarah Dessen
    She's my favorite YA author the reason I started writing. I'm still astounded I didn't burst into tears meeting her!
  4. Going to Tennessee for Kyle's wedding and getting to see Caitlin, too!
  5. Returning to South Africa and finally going to Table Mountain.
  6. Getting hired full time at Bentley and working with fantastic people. Especially this goofball. ;)
  7. Meeting Sarah J. Mass!
    Author of the amazing THRONE OF GLASS series
  8. Finally being in the same place as Michelle and Joel (and now their daughter, Kailey!) and spending time with them almost every week!
  9. Visiting this fantastic lady, Madison, in Texas, and eating ALL OF THE FOOD!
  10. Seeing Garth in Pittsburgh with Mom!
    Also Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum over the summer!
  11. Completing and defending my master's thesis. So proud of those stories and myself. <3