The week EVERYTHING happened at once
  1. My car was making terrifying groaning/growling/grinding noises.
  2. Things at work broke, and no one had any idea how to fix then.
  3. The water pump in our well at home broke.
  4. My brother didn't get cleared for his wisdom teeth surgery, so now he needs to wait until next summer.
  5. Writing and reading time has been so crunched that I wound up editing a short story on the floor of the gym. After reading a book on the elliptical.
  6. I did my first actual crow pose!
    Without immediately tumbling over. This is big yoga news for a girl whose upper body strength leaves much to be desired!
  7. An AMAZING manuscript I'm obsessed with on SwoonReads got selected for publication! <3
    KISSING MAX HOLDEN by Katy Upperman
  8. My dad spent TWO DAYS in the garage fixing my car (and previously mentioned groaning noises). All new brakes and rotors that were a giant pain to change.
  9. My mom left for NY yesterday to visit an extended family member who's on hospice.
  10. Mom's staying in NY with my grandma for Christmas because she hasn't in 20 years, so we won't celebrate at home until the 27th.