The four books I plan to read this February. Posted mostly to keep me accountable.
  1. The Night Circus
    I picked up an ARC of this years ago, and thought: This is perfect for me! Now it's a global phenomenon with a movie in tow and I still haven't read it. Now I'm rectifying that.
  2. A God In Ruins
    I have a tempestuous relationship with Kate Atkinson. I love her prose, her mastery of character, and the rich color she brings to her world. I can never envision or believe a world as well as when Atkinson is writing it... And yet, I'm never more frustrated by a story. She has a knack for writing compelling narratives that leave me beyond aggravated. Life After Life, this book's predecessor, was no different. And, like a hamster, I'm back on the wheel, hoping again that it goes somewhere.
  3. The Price of Salt
    I used to make a practice of reading every book before I saw its respective film adaptation. I've calmed down in recent years—time is at a bit more of a premium—but I'll still be reading this one before I watch Carols.
  4. Wolf by Wolf
    My YA book for February. I'd been on the fence about this one. Not because it didn't look good, but because The Walled City looked more interesting to me. But now I'm hearing rave things about the sequel to WXW, so my decision has been determined by outside forces.