To Me, Happiness Is…

Just writing these made me happy . :-)
  1. Time spent with my hubby, including Sunday mornings with the New York Times, local paper, coffee and homemade cheesy scrambled eggs (mine with tomatoes & jalapeños) & English muffins.
  2. When my children are happy and getting along.
  3. My dog Rudy
  4. Sewing with my Mom & having a coffee break with her when done with a project.
  5. Cooking a delicious meal for people I love
  6. Being immersed in a good book
  7. Listening to music that I love & singing along (especially on road trips)
  8. Surprising someone with an unexpected gift
  9. Watching the Big Bang Theory (or movies on previous list)
  10. Spending time at our snowbird home in Naples. Especially the beautiful sunrises & sunsets - over the pond behind the house or the glorious Naples pier.
  11. Writing Christmas cards with Christmas music playing in background
  12. Making cookies with my girls
  13. Visiting my sister & sister-in-law in NYC and staying in their fabulous noho apartment with their dogs Frankie & Flyer
  14. Jersey Shore with the Alfano's & Hills.
  15. Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve @ Munson-Regalas
  16. Mani\pedis with one or all of my daughters.
  17. Getting a new workout at Uplift (my gym). Yoga with Natalie or Tatyana.
  18. Massages (yes I am a bit of a princess)
  19. Folding warm white cotton t-shirts as they come out of the dryer smelling of fabric softener. (Weird - I know)
  20. Liking stuff on Facebook
  21. Online shopping