Words My Friends Would Use to Describe Me

Starting with my earliest friends (my sisters) to most recent friends...
  1. Funny
    I'm the middle sister of five
  2. Musical
    Was in band AND choirS. Played piano & flute. Tried to learn guitar but have unusually small hands. This is Marie, Annika, Gracie & Alex practicing b4 my Dad's funeral.
  3. Artsy
    My mom taught all of us to sew. I was the best at it. I would help her a lot with her home business. Me in one of the wedding outfits we made together.
  4. Writer
    The parents of my earliest friends always ask - did you ever become a writer? I LOVED reading & writing.
  5. Mom
    I always wanted to be one. I wanted 4 kids. I had one biological beautiful daughter, 2 beautiful bonus daughters, one beautiful fur baby (Rudy). As well as (currently) Lucy del Gato....
  6. Academic
    Love school. Worked mostly in Academia. My only official publications are as 3rd or 4th author in Journals. I went to school for free as a U of MN employee...earned a BS in Marketing with additional coursework in fashion & design & the arts. MBA in Finance. Masters in Art History. Was a National Merit Scholar - current husband (Chemical engineer with MBA as well) doesn't think that matters anymore (we are 51 & 54) but I do. Here he is touring colleges with our youngest KitKat.