This list literally took me like, 2 hours to make. All items have held up through time, thus they'll always be the best things ever. (To me, at least. Your list is probably way different.)
  1. The video of Taran Killam dancing to Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend"
    I have watched it, probably, one billion times.
  2. The video of Kelsey Grammer falling off of a stage.
    I have watched it more times than the Taran Killam video. I'm a monster.
  3. This photo of a kitten in a box of Pop Tarts.
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    This, tiled, was my computer background whenever I had a tough work day.
  4. Tim Gunn's "What Happened To Andre?" moment on 'Project Runway'.
    He was outside trying to make some kind of outfit with grass, Tim.
  5. The 'Mr. Show' Monster Party sketch.
  6. "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers
    "Most people don't include the words in parenthesis when talking about the song to others, Karen." - my husband
  7. Slowed down versions of already popular songs.
    Which is the only reason why I watched the '50 Shades Of Grey" trailer so many times. Only. Reason.
  8. Any song that has a musical build up, which makes you (the listener) inspired to either run in the rain to a loved one, or have some type of epiphany.
  9. Every moment of 'Breaking Bad' that has Aaron Paul in it.
    Aaron Paul on 'The Price Is Right' gets a list honorable mention. It was a tough call as to which Paul-Moment made the list.
  10. Episodes of 'Catfish' where the questionable person is actually exactly who they claim to be, even though Nev and Max are like, "No way, bro."
    Redemption for the Kelsey Grammer list item. I DO have a heart!