1. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    My introduction to Wes Anderson that happened on accident.
  2. Rushmore
    The dialogue and still developing Anderson style made me fall in love. And of course, the script is funny and delightful.
  3. American Beauty
    A friend heavily recommended this film to me. During the film, I realized that great movies aren't predictable and that I might not suck at screenwriting.
  4. X/Y
    Find it. Watch it. It's beautiful.
  5. People Like Us
    The main reason I believe in so much more for Chris Pine than just 'pretty leading man' roles.
  6. Princess and the Frog
    Yeah, a Disney movie get over it. A female going after what she wants and working really hard for it? A winner in my book.
  7. Funny Face
    A movie I had seen part of when I was kid and then in its entirety as a young(er) adult. Audrey Hepburn's voice is fragile and beautiful and of course, the infamous Dance scene.
  8. The Hunger Games
    Honestly, it's a pretty great adaptation. Watch the movie and then read the book. Then, admit to yourself that they did a good job of adapting the book to screen.
  9. Breakfast at Tiffany's
    A movie that's not a good adaptation, but is a wonderful movie that is beautifully crafted. Also, Hepburn over Monroe always.
  10. Napoleon Dynamite
    It was the movie that made realize how cool my Nino is, because he introduced me to it. Also, it was the first independent movie I ever watched and began my deep love for them.