Top ten favorite movies

Springing off of the Twitter hashtags going around lately, I've decided to return to List and expand my choices
  1. Rushmore
    Absolute favorite, above every single movie on this list
  2. Dope
    I don't have a reason other than the music is good and it just feels right
  3. Comet
    It's beautiful. I mean, really truly gorgeous and the story is heartbreaking as well
  4. Funny Face
    I love Audrey Hepburn. And the music in this movie makes my heart happy. Additionally, Fred Astaire is attractive.
  5. People Like Us
    I just, I really enjoy it. And Chris Pine.
  6. Sicario
  7. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    I think it's a great (expanded) adaptation. And it really is something to look at.
  8. The Big Lebowski
    Funny and a ride of a movie. Also very quotable and Jeff Bridges being Jeff Bridges
  9. Psycho
    I don't really have to explain do I?
  10. By The River
    I was one of the first people to see it. Like, I was at the first screening ever of the film. It's beautiful, has great poetry, and is indie filmmaking at its finest.