The Hardest Part of Everything

...Is not to complicate what is already simple
  1. The Start
    First steps, blank pages, set ups. Whatever the deal, getting started is a bitch. Don't know why, tho.
  2. Harvesting the first impulse as fuel
    Whatever drove you out of inertia, should get you wherever your going. Right?
  3. Constance
    Because if there is something I've learned from watching sitcoms like Seinfeld, is that whatever had my attention this week, will probably be irrelevant next week.
  4. Use your emotions
    ...but properly, for fuck sakes. Anger is been useful for generations as a mean to surpass evolutionary obstacules and threats. Not as a way to scath people who aren't hip to your newsfeed.
  5. Fuck the goal, the gist is in the ride
    Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.