Ah, to look back at one's wishes... And then reflect on how hungry one really is at the moment. And how one hungers for that pizza one just did not pick of off the floor because of that stupid 5 seconds rule. Hair on a Pizza never deterred my hunger, one used to... Right: what i wanted to be
  1. Masseause
    My mother had an all female gym in our living room in the first apartment we lived in when she had enough to quit the bank she worked on to make ends meet. She also used what was intended as a living room as a massage parlor where a variety of esthetic treatments- wax, electrolisis, massage- would be given. I used to watch, with the invisibility childhood gives, as all those women would spill their guts over high priced pampering. I told myself that would be an amazing thing to do.
  2. Veterinarian
    I've loved animals. Until I had pets. Then it turned into a chore. So i decided to not take care of animals on a professional realm.
  3. Soldier
    GUNS!!! they seemed like fun. Until my dad died from an encounter with several. So fuck guns... And authority.
  4. Reggea superstar
    I think Buffalo Soldier, the album, is to blame for this. I thought anyone could be Rastafarei, mon. Luckily i've never had dreadlocks. But I did listen to a lot of reggae and enjoyed way too much Big Mountain's version of Baby I love your way- every GODDAMM day.
  5. Kurt Cobain.
    Lemme explain: I did not want to be the next Kurt Cobain. I wanted to be him. Like the guy who auditions for his part in a movie and ends up becoming the next grunge thing. I am not even blonde. But this desire drove me to my next vocation.
  6. Poet
    And I actually wrote some... Missdirected verses and convoluted prose. It was the reading of Spin and Rolling Stones, all those poignant lyrics and the constant mention of Arthur Rimbaud what drove me to fall in love with the language. And then to star working to move away from my town. I reached a pinacle In my life when I snabbed a gig at the Tower Records. That brought me back to...
  7. Musician
    All that exposure to all that music, Books and movies made me quit my carreer in journalism and media and persue musical training. This was the first time i've ever found a real master. He tought me enough. Then i ran out of cash and had to go back to journalism school.
  8. Photographer
    As a consolation price for the end of music education, my mother gave me a camera. Pentax ZX50. A marvelous hybrid: many digital features like autoexposure, autofocus, continuos shooting in a practical 35mm SRL body, and a 125-55 mm objective that gave me light in dire conditions. I documented my first real heartbreak with that camera. That camera opened me many doors. That camera got me laid- more than what I deserved. I sold that camera to have extra cash when I came to Europe.
  9. Cook
    I got tired if being a journalist after visiting conflict areas in my country. I had a period when i had to wait tables in order to pay my rent while i figured out my next step. I had the privilege of eorking at a cool restaurant, and i felt in love with the ship like comradery of the kitchen. I even tried to sell ceviches on the beach. It was good friend who told me to get my shit together.
  10. Filmmaker
    I tempted for a friend as a set dresser on a telenovela. It was a dire moment in my life, when i was taking any kind of income. It was 4:30am when we went to pick up the furniture we were supposed to dress the set with. We arrived on location at 5:30. As i saw the crew i remembered that my mum was a make up artist, and she used to take me to her gigs, and i used to fall asleep near the lights. I have never felt more at home than when i am on a shooting. I want to do that again. Maybe next year.