1. Butter
    Really German, €8,20 p/p breakfast buffet? What am I supposed to smear iver this delicious German bread? Tears? My desilusion? MARGARINE?!!!
  2. Better bread
    Can't believe this place in Germany has such shitty frozen old doughy bread. Congratulations: this is a perilous accomplishment.
  3. Real Orange juice
    I thought this powder shit was illegal in Europe.
  4. Better boiled eggs
    It is €8,20 after all. It wouldn't hurt to not dry them all like we are soooo afraid of salmonella.
  5. An open bar
    Maybe i want to erase this breakfast all together. Liquor me up- who cares if is 10:20...
  6. If you're going to give me a fortune cookie with my coffee, and you are not a Chinese restaurant, try not to shove your marketing at me. Instead, give some hope for the day.
    [pic. Translation: Before you lose your cool, have a delicious Chocolate Ice cream from Alex]. No thanks.