Being a kart racer

Don't say anything negative either! Thanks!
  1. Karting is hard
    You have to have a lot of trust in yourself in situations on the tracks. Plus when you start karting, it's no where near carting at a theme park. It takes skills and practice to master running up front.
  2. Sponsors
    It's awesome getting your own sponsors paying and supporting you every race and you contribute their products and having their sticker on your kart
  3. Karting is dangerous
    The kart I race and I'm sure every kart does NOT have no seat belts
  4. "I do carting too!"
    It's annoying when people say this. There's a BIG difference between the carts you drive and the karts I race! Trust me!
  5. Karting IS a sport
    Karting falls in the category of "motorsports" you need skills like every other professional racing league. It isn't easy.
  6. Karting is fun!
    You'll really enjoy kart racing because you travel around and race nationally and get noticed by a lot of people! but the problem is, it's expensive. Hands down the most expensive sport in the USA. Possibly in the world!!
  7. My kart and achievements
    My kart is a Margay Racing Ignite K3 Briggs Lo206 motor FP7 body work with a touch up of my favorite drivers scheme (Jeff Gordon) I currently have 2 podiums 1 this year and last year and I got an award for finishing 4th in the points in the last year points standings. Have any questions comments? Comment below! (Btw I'm new to this as well.)
  8. Taken on Saturday 18th 2016