1. There is a crisis in Pawnee. Leslie found an insane deal on paper to save the town a bunch of money, but didn't notice the delivery cost is exorbitant. Now she and a group have to go pick it up without Chris Traeger finding out
  2. Throughout the episode Ron and Dwight try to out-Alpha each other. Martial arts, woodworking, farming, spending as little as possible on clothes, etc.
  3. The deal that Leslie found on the paper was Pam's first big sale, she actually hid the delivery cost to finalize the deal with Leslie
  4. The van crew to go pick up the paper is Ron, Leslie, Ben, Ann and Tom
  5. Andy Dwyer and April keep Chris distracted
  6. Ann keeps getting "Have we met? You look so familiar" while in Scranton
  7. Kelly falls in love with Tom and dresses him up like Ryan. Nard dawg games after Ann but she's not interested, she's bummed that Jim's not available. Leslie in a talking head secretly admits that "that temp Ryan is kinda cute" - jumpcut to Ryan and Ben standing next to each other, dressed similarly and both being of slight build
  8. In order to impress Ann, Nard leaves work and comes back dressed as Raggedy Andy and declares his love
  9. Post credits: Ron, having just bested Dwight in arm wrestling, stands up and turns around and sees Robert California. They just stare intimidatingly at each other to blackout.