INFJ - Personality Type

What it means to be an INFJ personality type in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  1. MBTI Dimensions
    These are the four main dimensions of the MBTI.
  2. INFJ
    These are some tags that very much describe me.
  3. INFJ Stressors
    These are some tags that can really make my stress level increase.
  4. INFJ Functions
    Introverted iNtuition Extroverted Feeling Introverted Thinking Extroverted Sensing
  5. Introvert
    I can be very quiet at times, mostly during big gatherings of "strangers". At other times I can be very outgoing, and talkative.
  6. iNtuition
    I very quickly and easily connect the dots. I'm all about concepts, theories and reading between the lines, both at home and around other people. Grabbing and understanding what has not been said.
  7. Feeling
    I feel things very deeply, and make decisions based on my personal feelings, values and intuition.
  8. Judging
    I very much keep important stuff organized, especially mentally and digitally, but my physical space (desk) can look quite messy.
  9. Summary