Managing social media for the best concert venue in NYC has its perks. Here are some of my favorite shows (in no particular order) I've worked over the last 3 years 🎶
  1. Andrea Bocelli
    Incredible to experience live. One of my first shows to ever cover in Brooklyn, gave me chills all night. (Even was able to bring my Dad along, short notice, cross it off the bucket list).
  2. Beyoncé
    This was a work night where I really pinched myself and asked, "is this real life?" Queen Bey just shut it down, leaves you floored & feeling like an independent woman.
  3. @john Mayer
    One of the best live shows I've ever seen at any venue, hands down. Makes magic with a guitar, no way you don't leave in awe of the talent.
  4. The Black Keys
    I have insane appreciation for musicians who play their own music. Especially when it's two guys commanding a crowd of 20K. Mesmerizing set.
  5. Katy Perry
    Couldn't leave this show without a huge smile on my face. So much positivity and had the entire crowd singing to every single song, which is a remarkable thing. Doesn't happen at a lot of shows.
  6. Jay Z
    Literally performing in the house he built, Jay's shows in Brooklyn are legendary. He opened this arena with 8 straight sell-outs.
  7. The Weeknd
    Covered the Weeknd as part of a multi-artist lineup with Jhene Aiko + others. He brought down the show, looking forward to his headlining gig coming back this Nov.
  8. John Legend
    Has a magical way of interacting with the crowd and makes you forget you're there with 20K other people. Romantic, makes all the ladies swoon, shares personal stories all night.
  9. Michael Buble
    Can croon a crowd like nobody's business. Looks great in a suit and will have you snapping away all night long.
  10. Nicki Minaj
    Put this woman against any rapper in the business. Slays every performance. True entertainer.
  11. Justin Timberlake
    JT's show did not disappoint. Solid crowd of N'SYNC diehards and 20/20 Experience newbies, it's a baller performance. Plus a Jay Z surprise appearance doesn't hurt.