Thanks for the request, @Adam! Not sure how crazy these are, but the playoffs are a whirlwind & I love it.
  1. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were super cute on our the Kiss Cam in Brooklyn 😘
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  2. Alan shouted "SPARTA!" in the locker room for a solid hour after post-game, when Michigan advanced in NCAA tourney (more of a playoff-push moment).
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  3. Time lapse vid of our crew laying out 20K fan shirts for Game 6. Epic.
  4. This was a sign in the bathroom on the team bus from the airport to hotel in Atlanta in the 1st round. Mixed ideas on its meaning.
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  5. My view of the action for most game nights. Best spot to to tweet from.
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  6. When two of our guys showed up for work, twinning. 👕👕
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  7. Occasionally Thad gets a little extra warmup before home games.
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