It's not all about you, Easter bunny.
  1. Going home to see my family
    Something that is so important and makes me happy to be with the ones I love, even if we're all over the place. @kristin
  2. Broadway Market
    The only place in Buffalo to get everything you need for the meal. Also, hand painted wooden eggs, pussy willows and occasional polka band.
  3. Grandma's beet horseradish
    I wait all year for her to make delicious homemade jars of it and then put on everything. Also, turns your dinner plate pink
  4. Coloring eggs
    You're never too old.
  5. Easter baskets
    See above.
  6. Polish dinner feast
    Smoked kielbasa, lazy pierogi, rye bread, placzek, butter lambs, sauerkraut, potatoes & so much more.
  7. Leftovers from Polish dinner feast
    Self-explanatory heaven on a plate.
  8. It's springtime now!
    Bring on the sunshine.