There's no place like home 🍴
  1. Creekview
    Brunch with @kristin right off the plane. Great pub menu and the extra spicy Bloody Mary is on point. Order: Eggs Benedict + the BLT.
  2. Shango
    New Orleans inspired cuisine, late night pick for dinner. Restaurant Week special included 3-course set up & $20.15 bottles of wine. Order: Ahi-tuna steak with jambalaya and seared sirloin steak with broccolini.
  3. Alton's
    Amazing breakfast diner with my grandma, who made me drive her '86 Buick to get there. Unlimited coffee, Alton's special: eggs, French toast, sausage & love.
  4. Agave
    Perfect little Mexican spot with tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and other heavenly things wrapped in tortillas. Order: steak fajitas and alllll the fixins.
  5. Pano's
    He does it well, very well. Ultimate Greek diner with breakfast all day & night, we swung by here to meet my dad for lunch. Order: lamb burger, gyro wrap and caprese chicken sandwich.
  6. SATO
    Fantastic Asian fusion spot in the Elmwood Village. Sushi, ramen, curry and great specials not on the menu regularly. Order: Shio Butter Ramen, Spicy Ramen and tuna tartare.
  7. Spot Coffee
    Buffalo's go-to coffee shop chain. Soup, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch, you name it. As "cool hipster coffee shop" as you can get in WNY. Order: caramel latte and red velvet doughnut
  8. The Irishman
    Solid Irish pub with wrap-around bar in the Village of Williamsville. Guinness wings, Shepard's Pie, potato soup, good flatbreads too. Order: Corned beef rueben and side salad with fries.