Things KG Has Said to Me

Kevin Garnett played with us at the Brooklyn Nets for 96 regular season games over two seasons.
  1. "I got you next time"
    When I missed returning a fist bump he gave me as he was leaving practice. Still haunts me.
  2. "I see you, Insta"
    He called me Insta (as in Instagram) a few times before he remembered my name. Which I thought was awesome.
  3. "You let me do my thing, I'll let you do yours"
    When we were on the same elevator and mutually agreed to stay out of each other's way while working. In a light-hearted, very nice way.
  4. "Morning, morning"
    When we were on the bus to practice, you guessed it, early in the morning.
  5. "Come on Kat, let's go Twitter"
    When I tried to politely take the next elevator (a different time), he held the door for me after Deron and Brook got in. (props for the name + job shout out)
  6. Aside from press conferences, I'm pretty sure that was it. A real NBA legend and I'm glad I got a chance to work with him.