Heading home to Buffalo from NYC for Easter has never been so entertaining
  1. Kid on a leash, which was a gem to spot. The epitome of SMH.
  2. Fedoras aplenty, for everyone going someplace where there's most likely a beach
  3. The biggest line ever to get coffee at Terminal 5
  4. Muji To Go, where I'm tempted every visit to buy little notebooks and cute pens
  5. Tweens snapchatting their frappuccinos
  6. Little babies with very anxious parents who must be praying to the sleep gods
  7. Men excited about their decision to get a whole airport pizza for breakfast
  8. The loveliest Indian woman who sat next to me & I just became bffs with
  9. Chic toddlers who I'm pretty sure have Chucks on with Saint Laurent
  10. Woman taking selfies in the bathroom, to her credit though the lighting is on point
  11. Score! Secret coffee kiosk hiding next to my gate, making me happy about decision to forgo the 1st line
  12. Welp, we'll be taxiing for an hour the pilot says. 31 planes curiously just jumped ahead of us to take off.