Year of Kat

Here is the to-be-expected list of my New Year's Resolutions. (A bit late, but I wanted to be realistic). More than anything this is a permanent commitment that will hopefully force me to feel like at least someone other than myself is holding me accountable. Now is the time for a take over.
  1. Start school
    I am 23 years old and have aspirations. Its about time I re-enroll and start working towards my teaching career.
  2. Make more money
    I do not have a car, having to plan out living on my own is infuriating, and I need to get out of debt so I can pay for school. Gotta finally get myself the supervisor spot that can get me through all this.
  3. Get right with God
    I was baptized in high school ans since then have made 0 headway in being the body of Christ. I have started reading The Good Word every Sunday. I need to not only kepp up with that reading but also find a strong fellowship to join.
  4. Lose 40lb
    Sitting at 176lbs right now. As a 5'5" broad woman that isn't too far off. But i need to utilize my body type and tone up/become more fit
  5. Quit smokin
    I never wanted to start. But I made the mistake 5 years ago and got hooked! Its preventing met from achieving my other goals and its gotta go!
  6. Make real friends
    Been living in Houston for....5 years? Still don't have enough people I can count on. I'm done making connections with people that can't give as much love as I can. I want to take on the world with some good people!
  7. See the more of the world
    I have never been outside of the US, not even Canada or Mexico. So I'm gunna start small and work around the country and go from there.
  8. Experience art and create more.
    Going to concerts, art shows, graffiti hot spots, everything. I love what everyone had to offer the world. Not only do I want to support that within the [world wide] community, but I want to start contributing more to that again.