1. When my cat feels like cuddling
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  2. Drinking coffee outside
  3. Shamefully reading a blog post about my "plastic surgery", which makes me so happy because I complain about my nose/face constantly and I love that some Canadian thinks I got a nose job (also: IF I GOT A NOSE JOB I WOULDN'T HAVE PICKED THIS ONE, no pun intended)
  4. Bob Ross videos
  5. My dad voluntarily telling me a story about his childhood
  6. Putting my employee ID in my glove compartment after finishing the season
  7. Popsicles
  8. Meeting a dog
  9. Old people holding hands
  10. Watching @JoshGroban play video games
  11. 1920s music
  12. Realizing I don't feel anxious in the moment and appreciating it
  13. Pasta